ZUG-B fuse terminal block

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Special single-line disconnecting connectors: ZUG-B, ZUG-BS1, ZUG-BS2 Equipped with a socket for mounting a fuse-link with dimensions of fi5x20. Max. the current of the fuse used is 6.3A. Max. working voltage of the connectors is 230 V.
Varieties: The ZUG-BS1 (for operation with DC voltage) and the ZUG-BS2 (for operation with AC voltage) are equipped with a blown fuse signaling system. The couplings are intended for connecting copper wires: rigid and flexible. They are CE certified and meet the requirements of the new directive 2014/35/EC. They can be mounted on TS35 rails. They are sold without a fuse.


Standard IEC 60947-7-1
IEC 60947-7-3
Nominal cross-section 4mm2
Nominal connectivity: wire/cable 0,5…4mm2
Insulation rated voltage 690V
Impulse withstand voltage 6kV
Rated current of fuse link/continuous 6,3A
Fuse-link dimensions 5×20
Rated power dissipated – complex/separate system . 1,6 W/1,6 w
Terminal torque 0,5 Nm
Insulation length 8mm
Material: body, housing/rail, fuse holder/terminals, standardized elements polyamide V0/copper (Sn6 coating), bronze (Ni5 coating)/steel (Zn5 coating)
Ambient temperature -25…+40°C
Weight 12,3g