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ZUG-6PE protective connectors with PE function, are intended for connecting protective conductors with rigid or flexible conductors They can be used industrially without restrictions and installed in devices used indoors, in all climatic zones.

The protective terminals are mounted on TS35 rails ZUG-PE fittings belong to the new line of ZUG fittings, which have the same outer outline for nominal cross-sections: 2.5; 4; 6; 10, with different thicknesses.

The ZUGW4-4PE protective terminal block is CE marked and meets the requirements of the new 2014/35 / EC directive, which replaced the 2006/95 / EC directive.


Standard IEC 60947-7-2
Nominal cross-section 6mm2
Nominal connectivity: wire/cable 0,5…10mm2 / 0,5…6mm2
Insulation rated voltage 1000V
Impulse withstand voltage 8kV
Terminal torque 1,2Nm
Insulation length 12mm
Width 8,9mm
Insulation material poliamid V0
Ambient temperature -25…+125°C
Weight 21,8g
Additional equipment
Mounting rails TS35-P, TS35
Holdings KU-1; KU-2; KU-4
Spring-loaded jumpers ZSN-6-2
Partition P-N4
Housing 6N
Designators DK/Z-5; DK/Z-6

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Insulating material

Poliamid V0

Nominal cross-section