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ZO safety terminals are mainly used for connecting copper conductors of protective conductors, PE, protective-neutral PEN and neutral N in devices used in indoor conditions. Non-standard protective terminals are available on special orders. The whole family of protective terminals meets the needs of switchgear and control cabinets manufacture and can be quickly adapted to newly created cabinets, control and power panels. Safety terminals are an important element of effective protection against electric shock. Terminals are made from brass.

Standards: IEC 60947-7-2 lub IEC 60947-7-1

  • Number and cross-section of conductors: 1x35mm2, 1x16mm2, 3x10mm2, 5x4mm2
  • Ambient temperature: -25…+100oC
  • Mounting method: to TS32 rail through the insulating element
  • Insulation material: polyamide



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