OBL 70/25-1

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The insulating body is made from polyamide, and the cover is made from transparent polycarbonate. This allows the use of tap-offs in the temperature range -25 to 100ºC with heat resistance up to 850ºC. There are pins and positioning holes in the bodies of one-section taps (only holes in four-section ones), which allows for the creation of multi-section sets and facilitates their joint assembly. The basic conductors mounted in the tap terminals are copper conductors, however, aluminum conductors can be used with the application of safety precautions. To this end, clean the insulated end of the wire from the oxide layer and immediately protect the contact point by covering with petroleum jelly or neutral grease. Thanks to these solutions, OBL taps provide greater possibilities when creating various assembly configurations with smaller dimensions than before. A particularly important element is lowering the tap height when mounted on the Ts35 rail as compared to older LZG variants.

Standards: IEC 60998-2-1

  • Nominal cross-section: main 70mm2 / tap 25mm2
  • Insulation rated voltage: 690V
  • Continuous rated current: main 192A / tap 101A
  • Wire nominal connectivity: main 16-70mm2 / tap 4-25mm2
  • Rated cable connectivity: main 16-50mm2 / tap 4-16mm2
  • Terminal tightening torque: główny 6,0Nm / odgałęźny 2,0Nm
  • Insulation length: main 20mm/tap 15mm
  • Material: body polyamide/cover polycarbonate
  • Installation: TS35 or to the ground
  • Ambient temperature: -25…+100ºC
  • IP: 10



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