DZ-100 [CYNK]

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Current collectors for overhead cranes are used to maintain a continuous electrical connection between the supply (contact) cable and the electrical apparatus of the lifting device intended for movement.

Before installing the collector, you must check the condition of the soft joint screw connections. In addition, the protective layer must be removed from the collector slipper plate with gasoline extraction. When connecting the power cord, attention must be paid to the arrangement of the soft joint inside the collector. It is recommended to lubricate the rubbing parts both before and during the operation of the collectors by injecting a few drops of acid-free oil. The maintenance of collectors is limited to periodic – depending on the degree of dust in the environment, but not less than twice a month – inspection, consisting in removing impurities in the form of dust, powder buildup and other materials, especially from the insulator, and checking the wear of the slipper plate. In the event of wear of 4/5 of the slipper plate thickness, the worn slipper plate should be replaced with a new one. Comments Pursuant to the order of the National Labor Inspectorate (IP-19/610-23/89), it is necessary to install special nets under the collectors to prevent parts from falling in the event of an emergency collector damage.

EAN: 5902626108892
Standards: ZN-99/S.I.A.E.-001

  • Insulation rated voltage: 1kV
  • Test voltage for checking electrical strength of insulation: 3,5kV
  • Max speed: 2m/s
  • Rated current for interrupted service: 100A
  • Rated current for continuous service: 63A
  • Thermal current 0,1s: 6kA
  • Peak rated current: 9kA
  • Contact wire compression force: 25N
  • Type: Zinc slipper for steel contact wires



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