EU projects

projekty unijne

The project entitled “Company investments in R&D infrastructure for developing innovative potential” was co-financed by European Funds

Project goal: design, development and implementation of new small terminal blocks used in electrical engineering to work in the area of permissible insulation voltage up to 400V.
Total project value: PLN 591,015.00
Contribution of European Funds: PLN 216,225.00

Fundusze Europejskie - POKÓJ S.E.

Project entitled “Working capital subsidy for ‘Pokój’ Spółdzielnia Elektrotechniczna” under measure 3.4 Subsidy for working capital of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020

Project objective: Support for medium-sized entrepreneurs who found themselves in a challenging economic situation due to disruptions in the functioning of the economy as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Total project value: PLN 278.762,61

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 278.762,61