POKÓJ Electrotechnical Cooperative  - manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment

POKÓJ S.E. as a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment, it has a very wide range of products. Our offer includes products such as limit switches, single-circuit connectors, multi-circuit connectors, buttons and lamps, manual control boxes, current collectors, installation taps, LPI insulated strips, cable joints, protective terminals, SWP-G aligning rails, high-current connectors and other electrical installation accessories.

A new line of wireless and battery-free products in the offer of POKÓJ: limit switches, buttons and control stations (control boxes) and foot switches with the necessary accessories (transmitters, receivers and antennas).... read more

Terminal blocks, resistant to vibration and corrosion. Contacts made of high-grade copper alloys. Clamps made of high-strength spring steel covered with an additional layer of tin. Connector body - polyamide PA66/V-0 material read more.

Universal NZP terminal blocks, one, two and five lines  read more

Single-track disconnecting blocks: ZUG-B, ZUG-BS1, ZUG-BS2, belong to the group of special purpose fittings. Equipped with a socket for mounting a fuse-link with dimensions fi5x20. Max. current of the fuse used is 6.3A. Max. working voltage of the connectors is 230 V. read more

Distribution blocks - NBD 1-07 and NBD 1-08 are used in LV switchboards. The blocks facilitate the connection of wires of different diameters, the division of the power supply into different circuits and the separation of the phase, neutral and protective terminals. The distribution and distribution blocks are mounted on TS 35 rails and on mounting plates. The components are brass terminals and a housing made of PA66 material and class V0 with a transparent cover. Read more

The ZUGM-4 and ZUGM-4PE miniature threaded connectors are intended for connecting copper conductors with rigid or flexible conductors and a nominal cross-section of 4 mm2. They can be used industrially without restrictions and installed in devices used indoors, in all climatic zones. They have small dimensions and are mounted on TS15 rails  more...

Threaded terminals with 4 terminals ZUGW4-4 and protective terminals ZUGW4-4PE with PE function are intended for connecting protective conductors with rigid or flexible conductors.

ZHA and ZHB sets include sets of H… ERHN terminals of various sizes, while ZHIA sets consist of HI type terminals. The tips are sorted in easy-to-use transparent boxes.

Surge arresters, lightning arrester and surge arrester are a device designed to protect electrical equipment against transient overvoltages, limiting the duration and frequency of the line follow current. read more

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We offer a wide range of services. From design, through the manufacture of instrumentation, and ending with the final product.